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Workplace First Aid Tasmania

Moreton Group Solutions provides an end to end service managing your workplace first aid obligations.  Providing services inline with the first aid code of practice.

 Moreton Group Solutions provide a risk based approach to determining your training, equipment and facilities needs. 

Managing first aid needs country wide our clients save time and money whilst increasing their compliance with the code of practice. 

Our staff know the lifesaving difference early access to a defibrillator can make.  All defibrillators are however not equal.  The Australian Resuscitation Council has updated the recommended energy levels to be delivered by a public defibrillator. 

We can help you understand if your device is up to date and rescue ready or provide information about what defibrillators are available to purchase. 

Contact us on 0362783029 for an obligation free discussion on how to maintain compliance and confirm that your defibrillator is rescue ready.

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